Arm Lift

An arm lift is a surgical technique to eliminate flaccidity, excess skin or fat tissue from the contour of the arm and restore firmness and muscle tone.


Men and women with excess fat or skin in the contour of their arms, caused by aging, a sedentary lifestyle or weight gain or loss.

Preoperative Period

During the first visit, the surgeon will perform a physical examination and conduct a personal interview to determine the patient’s expectations. He or she will determine the clinical condition of the arm, assessing the skin, fat tissue (quantity, elasticity, presence of stretch marks, etc.), tone and muscle volume, as well as blood circulation in the limb and the presence of inflammatory or infectious processes in the armpit.

Based on this initial analysis and a complete medical history, he or she will indicate the type of surgery required by each patient.

Surgical Technique

The surgery is performed in an operating room, usually under local anesthesia and sedation and, in some cases, under general anesthesia.

An arm lift procedure tends to last approximately 1 hour.

It is performed by making an incision from the center of the armpit to the elbow along the anteromedial (inner) side of the arm to pull back the dermal fat flap. The necessary amount of the flap and fat tissue is then eliminated to restore the arm’s contour, the incision is sutured and a semi-compression bandage is applied to facilitate recovery.

Postoperative Period

The patient will remain at the clinic for the first 24 hours on moderate bed rest with his or her arms elevated. Fingers should be moved regularly to facilitate circulation throughout the limb.

The second day, once the surgical wound has been checked and treated for the first time, the patient will be discharged with the instructions and medication indicated by the surgeon.

As of the fourth day, a follow-up examination will be conducted at the surgeon’s office and, over the first month, the patient may treat the wound at home, following the surgeon’s indications and coming in for regular examinations.

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