A peel is a treatment consisting of accelerated skin exfoliation induced by an external agent. It can be performed using a surgical or non-surgical procedure, depending on its depth and the chosen technique.

Peels are classified according to the agent used to cause the exfoliation or burn and by their depth. In addition to eliminating the skin’s upper layers, the peel also affects its deepest layers, causing an increase in the body’s own production of collagen and the renewal of cells in the dermis.


Any person, woman or man, experiencing facial aging as a result of sun exposure (photoaging), skin spots (hyperchromatism), acne scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and other problems related to sun damage.

Types of Peels

1.1 Superficial Peeling

It is a very gentle peeling, indicated for tired and dull skin with slight signs of photoaging. It is a scaling that occurs only a slight reddening of the skin , so that the patient can continue normal activity.

The results are immediate , the skin regains its transparent appearance and appears rejuvenated , blemishes and fine lines are attenuated . No side effects usually present but need protection from the sun .

This peeling can be performed with various substances : alpha (hydroxy acids or fruit acids ) , salicylic acid or retinol .

For very localized spots treatment erbium – YAG laser and very fine wrinkles, resurfacing (CO2 laser ) is recommended because it allows greater accuracy and speed.

1.2 Medium Peel

This peel is recommended to enhance skin quality, reduce acne scars and pockmarks, smooth out wrinkles and strengthen skin tone.

It can be performed at the office without anesthesia. However, the patient will require approximately one week’s sick leave, during which time the old skin will peel off, giving way to a finer skin free of the treated blemishes.

The treatment causes a complete renewal of the epidermis and intensely stimulates the dermis, thereby reinforcing its collagen and elastin networks.

The most commonly used agent is trichloroacetic acid and erbium:YAG laser.

1.3 Deep Peel

The deep peel is a deep exfoliation that destroys the entire epidermis and into the dermis injury , which when cured deeply restructures producing a true reconstruction of the entire skin , appearing completely renovated , but shall be subject to major care during the following months and even for life if the peeling has been profound.

The deep peeling usually requires hospitalization and the most used methods are the formulas of modified phenol, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion .

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