Single service

Special services for people who for various reasons are forced to perform cosmetic surgery unaccompanied offered at the Tapia Institute. Many people prefer to keep their plastic surgery in secret, others need to fit these performances dates that are not compatible with agendas of their families. For this reason the patient may contract an optional service staff assistant, nurse, chauffeur and estheticien home.

Since his arrival at the airport the patient will be accompanied / a by a personal assistant that will take you to the hospital and show all the attractions to choose from in the week of recovery.

The day after surgery, the patient may hire a registered nurse to accompany the first night and the early days of post-operative. She will take care at all times supply analgesics, priests, etc … It is recommended to spend at least the first night in her company.

The personal assistant will accompany the patient during recovery period (about 1 week) amenities (signature boutiques, cinema, theater, restaurants, walks, etc.). This service can be supplemented by hiring a chauffeur who will be available 24 hours a day to teach Barcelona or transport you anywhere in the city. Another Tapia Singles Services Institute are home lymphatic drainage if liposuction or post-operative edema. The estheticien attend the hotel to make these treatments if the patient prefers not to do it at the clinic.


  • Registered Nurse: Clinical Support in the hotel first night and the days you want the patient. 14 € hour.
  • Personal Assistant: ersonal assistant service languages. Accompanying amenities , walking, shoping , museums , hair salon, spa, etc .: 25 € hour.
  • Private car service: for any displacement, tourist routes , cultural visits : 40 € hour.
  • Beautician specializing in lymphatic drainage: Travel to hotel: € 52 an hour.

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